Designer Q&As

I am putting together a series of short interviews with published board game designers. The idea is to ask them all the same set of questions, so people can compare the answers and build an insight into what makes designers tick – alongside a stock of answers to questions all new designers will end up facing themselves.

  1. Matthew Dunstan
    Elysium, Relic Runners, Costa Rica, Empire Engine
  2. Seth Jaffe
    Eminent Domain, Isle of Trains; Tasty Minstrel Games
  3. Tony Boydell
    Snowdonia, Guilds of London; Surprised Stare Games
  4. Brett J Gilbert
    Divinare, Elysium, Costa Rica, Brethren of the Coast
  5. Bruno Cathala
    7 Wonders Duel, Five Tribes, Cyclades, Mr Jack