Codenames Duet: (kind of) expansion review

Codenames Duet* is a co-operative version of the award winning word game Codenames, released in 2015 (and reviewed by me here – see also Codenames Pictures from 2016). The original Codenames saw two teams (4-8 players total, realistically) trying to guess words from … Continue reading

One play: Codenames – Pictures

When I received Codenames: Pictures* I was faced with something of a (teeny tiny) dilemma – how do I go about reviewing this? In reality it’s a standalone game in its own right – but mechanically it is almost identical … Continue reading

Codenames: A four-sided game review

Codenames* is a party game for two (or four to get the full competitive experience) to eight players which mixes deduction and word game elements into a spy-themed team game. You can even go more, to 10 or 12, with … Continue reading

Board game Top 10: Sarah’s favourite games

Sarah and I recently celebrated two years together – which also happened to be two years since Sarah was introduced to our wonderful hobby (go figure…). So I thought hey, why not see what her favourites are? The fact this … Continue reading

Board game Top 10: The best push your luck games

Thanks to classics such as Yahtzee (1956!) and Blackjack (1700s) – and since the TV era, game shows – push or press-your-luck is a universally known and understood game mechanism. Below I’ve listed my favourite push your luck tabletop games. … Continue reading

Gaming ‘best of’ 2018, part 2: Top moments and most played games

Outside my regular gaming groups, 2018 was a great year for me getting and out and going to events – as you’ll see below. I went to more cons in the year than before – and better still, there are … Continue reading

Gaming ‘best of’ 2018, part 1: Best new games & gaming stats

And so ends my 10th full year back into hobby games: nearly 4,000 plays of around 750 different games; more than 350 blog posts here, including almost 150 full length reviews; and four published games I’ve designed or co-designed (with … Continue reading

Board game Top 10: Family games for everyone this Christmas

With Christmas approaching, loads of families are likely to be forced into games of Monopoly, Cluedo and the like as they wade their way through the festive holidays. The good news is that, for a small cash outlay and a … Continue reading

LoBsterCon XVI: 5 short Essen Spiel one-play game reviews

I’ll write more about LoBsterCon when I’ve got more time (spoiler alert – it was awesome), but as I was writing/thinking about the games I’d played over the weekend elsewhere last night I got my thoughts down here too. These … Continue reading

Board game Top 10: Longevity – my all-time most played

I started recording my board game plays on Board Game Geek (yeah yeah…) in October 2008 which, the astute amongst you will notice, was 10 years ago. So what better excuse for a gaming Top 10? I’ve talked a bit … Continue reading