Codenames Duet: (kind of) expansion review

Codenames Duet* is a co-operative version of the award winning word game Codenames, released in 2015 (and reviewed by me here – see also Codenames Pictures from 2016). The original Codenames saw two teams (4-8 players total, realistically) trying to guess words from … Continue reading

One play: Codenames – Pictures

When I received Codenames: Pictures* I was faced with something of a (teeny tiny) dilemma – how do I go about reviewing this? In reality it’s a standalone game in its own right – but mechanically it is almost identical … Continue reading

Codenames: A four-sided game review

Codenames* is a party game for two (or four to get the full competitive experience) to eight players which mixes deduction and word game elements into a spy-themed team game. You can even go more, to 10 or 12, with … Continue reading

Board game Top 10: Genuinely important releases since 2015

According to Board Game Geek’s game rating algorithm, 15 of the best games ever have been released since 2015. This is obviously nonsense and has a lot more to do with factors outside the algorithms control (time for an overhaul, … Continue reading

Top 50 board games of all time 2019 (part 2: 20-11)

So here it is – part 2 of my Top 50 board games. This was meant to be the whole Top 20, but I’m already past 1,000 words. And with other gaming commitments this week (namely the arrival of a … Continue reading