Online board game mini reviews: Beyond the Sun, Caravan, City of the Big Shoulders, Happy City & Railroad Ink

Despite plenty of progress with the COVID-19 vaccines, a lot of board gaming is still having to happen online. And luckily, thanks (I expect) to the recent purchase by Asmodee, website Board Game Arena (BGA) is adding new board games … Continue reading

Top 10 euro games free online

So here it is – my top 10 euro games you can play for free online. Covid 19 and the associated lock down mean many of us are largely housebound. And the possible ‘second wave’, as winter nights start to … Continue reading

Online board game mini reviews: In the Year of the Dragon, Bruxelles 1893, Coloretto, The King’s Guild, GIPF & Carcassonne: H&G

While much of the world is emerging from lock down, in the UK we’re still in the thick of it. Thick being the operative word, when you consider how our government has ‘handled’ the crisis. If a few more cabinet … Continue reading

Play Europe Divided online

Continuing the lock down theme, I wanted to post about one of my own recent board game co-designs. You can now play Europe Divided online via two popular platforms: Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia. I’m terrible at self-promoting. But Europe Divided … Continue reading

Board Game Arena Top 10 games: Play board games online for free

So here it is, my Board Game Arena top 10 games. This is the third website I’m covering where you can play board games online for free. In previous posts I’ve covered Yucata and Boite a Jeux, but now it’s … Continue reading