SorCon highlights: A board game Top 10

I’ve just got back from SorCon in Basildon (well a Holiday Inn on the edge of Basildon, which helps). Knowing my retention span for such events, I thought I’d get it down for posterity as soon as possible. One of … Continue reading

Con report: SorCon 2017, Basildon

After having a great time at last year’s SorCon, it was great to be able to head back to Basildon for SorCon 10. The event is held in a Holiday Inn from Friday lunchtime until the last stragglers head off … Continue reading

SorCon 2016: Board gaming bliss… in Basildon?

At the start of the year I promised myself I’d go to at least one new board game convention. And after asking around with friends about who was going to what, the list soon narrowed itself down to one: SorCon. … Continue reading

Game retrospective 2020, #2: My top gaming moments

2020 eh? One quarter normal, three quarters stuck at home. But thanks to a bunch of online platforms, my board game play count was up versus 2019. I got to play a bunch of slightly older games that had passed … Continue reading

Board game Top 10s

Looking for game recommendations? Or lists of board game media, – or even games not to play? Then come right in. Below you’ll find an extensive list of the board game top 10 lists I’ve written for the blog over … Continue reading