Board game Top 10s

Looking for game recommendations? Or lists of board game media, – or even games not to play? Then come right in. Below you’ll find an extensive list of the board game top 10 lists I’ve written for the blog over the years. As well as some top 25s, 50s – you name it. I don’t like to be numberist.

If you came looking for a particular topic but didn’t find it, get in contact. I’m always looking for ideas for new posts, so I’m happy for suggestions. And I’ll get back to you with some recommendations if I don’t think I’ve got enough for a full board game top 10s list. I’m also not brilliant at remembering to update these, so if you think one looks out of date – give me a (politely written) kick up the backside.

All time favourites

  • Chris’ all time Top 40: With literally thousands of different games played, and more than 150 on my shelves, this is an annual labour of love. Updated each May.
  • Sarah’s all time Top 10: From the other end of the spectrum comes an annual list from a more casual (read: sane) gamer. Updated each April.
  • Low ranked games: A look at some hidden gems that are firm favourites in my collection. Despite them having low rankings on board Game Geek.
  • My most-played games: I wrote this back in 2017, but all these games are still on my shelves in 2021.
  • Genuinely important releases since 2015: A look at recent releases that had a genuine impact on the industry.
  • Spiel de Jahres winners: The German Game of the Year Award is the gold standard for family games. These are my favourites, since it began in 1979.

Board game Top 10s by mechanism or category

  • Abstract games: The best games that lack any meaningful connection between theme (if they have one) and mechanics, with simple actions but plenty of depth.
  • Card games: My favourite small box card games. All have cards as the main component and are short, easy to learn and accessible to all the family.
  • Children’s games (ages 5-8): It’s been a while since I was five. And my memory isn’t great at the best of times. But don’t worry – I had some help for this.
  • Dice games: Two top 10s for the price of one! First a list of lighter, pure dice games – then another 10 heavier games with a strong dice mechanism.
  • Family games: I put this together for people looking to grab a game to keep everyone quiet at Christmas. But it should work all year round.
  • Gateway games: Have friends you think you could convert to the hobby? These games have been proven to do the job time and time again.
  • Outdoor games: Even though its a chore, sometimes I have to leave my gaming table and go outside. Here’s what I do, when I do.
  • Push-your-luck games: Go on, just one more card… We’ve been playing this style of game forever, from Blackjack to Yahtzee. These are my favourites.
  • Sci-fi games: I pick out my top 10 space games, as well as adding a couple of bonus Top 5 lists for Star Wars and Star Trek fans.
  • Set collection games: It all started with Rummy, Poker, Yahtzee and the like. But where has modern hobby gaming taken it?
  • Stocking fillers: Looking for a cheap game to give as a gift? For Christmas – or for yourself (Mr Selfish)? Then look no further.
  • Strategy board games: This is a list for newer entrants into the hobby, split into sections for lighter and heavier games.
  • Tile laying games: Since Carcassonne took the board gaming world by storm in 2000, we’ve loved building up a board or tableau with little cardboard pieces.
  • Two-player games: Whether it’s with a child, a partner or your best gaming buddy, there’s something special about one-on-one gaming.
  • Worker placement games: This is a staple euro game mechanism. Place a worker in a space, then get to do an action. But what are the best examples?

Board games online and media

  • Lockdown 2020: Games I played a lot and loved during the COVID-19 lockdowns that I may never have discovered otherwise.
  • Board Game Arena: Probably the most popular place online to play board games, with great live play functionality and a massive range of top titles.
  • Boite a Jeux: If you want to play some top board and card games online, this free website is a great place to start.
  • Yucata: This is my favourite site for online gaming, but only because it has a larger selection than Boite a Jeux. Play classic games fro free, all in a normal web browser.
  • Euro games free online: Some of the best euro-style games you can play for free on the internet via your browser.
  • Podcasts: Want to listen to your board game information, rather than read about it (scoffs). Here are some great board game podcasts.

Board game Top 10s by year & decade

2009 was my first big year back in this great hobby. So I’ve decided to do an annual list looking back a decade at my favourite games released in that year. And I’ve also looked back by decade for the years previous.

Essen wishlists

Each year I go to the world’s biggest and best board game convention, Essen Spiel. And each year I go full of hope for exciting new titles. I could be wrong, I could be right…

Other board game conventions

I try to write a bit about each board game convention I go to. Here are some examples.

Negative(ish) board game Top 10s