The Great Indoors: A new board game comedy comes to YouTube

Great Indoors

As board games continue their slow sneak back into the public consciousness, it’s inevitable the media around the hobby grows with it. All the UK broadsheets are now running semi-regular articles on board and card games, with some of the writers even knowing what they’re talking about.

YouTube channel Geek & Sundry has been going since 2012, with it’s show ‘Tabletop’ regularly receiving more than a million views; and screen stars including Rich Summer (Mad Men, The Devil Wears Prada) and Felicia Day (Buffy, Eureka) are bona fide board game evangelists.

Elsewhere on YouTube, 2013 saw the start of ‘Board with Life‘: a sitcom series about a board game group made by a group of friends that clearly loved the hobby. They’ve since branched into reviews, podcasts and the rest and a second season of the show itself will arrive on YouTube in February. But this time it will arrive with some strong competition.

Also launching soon, ‘The Great Indoors‘ adds more acting calibre to the mix with a cast including Josh Sussman (Glee) and Elisha Yaffe (The Newsroom). Episodes will be just three to five minutes long, but from what I’ve seen so far it will be well worth tuning in for. Check out the YouTube preview below.

Great Indoors EmilyI’ve been lucky enough to get some sneaky peaks at more of the upcoming content; both a full episode and some clips showing the progressing storyline.

It does a great job of parodying a regular board game group at someone’s home and regular gamers will recognise many of the character’s traits in their own friends. Be warned though – it’s not afraid of being sweary when it wants to be.

The show’s real strength looks to be the relationship (or not) between non-gamer Emily (ErinRose Widner) and game night host Aaron (Yaffe). They’re the two more ‘normal’ members of the cast, much like Penny and Leonard in ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the board game ride takes them (although Lewis & Clark probably wasn’t a great place to start).

The rest of the cast are more extreme. Despite not being a fan of cringe comedy, which some of this is, I wasn’t put off at all – which surprised me. Brad, played by Jonathan Bray, definitely channels that David Brent persona of excruciating meets blindly optimistic and somehow manages to induce sympathy in the process.

But thanks to the joys of the interweb, you don’t need to listen to me blather on about it – just watch the clip below and sign up for their YouTube channel. And remember kids – when you’re picking a game for your players, think beyond the theme…

Part of the series will be screened as part of the GeekFest Film Festival on February 20 at the Long Beach Comic Expo, with the show hopefully hitting YouTube soon afterwards.

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