Essen 2019 game reviews – live and incoming

And so the madness is over for another year. More than 200,000 game fans, checking out more than 1,500 new game from 1,200 exhibitors. So it;s time for some Essen 2019 game reviews.

I always do a post highlighting the reviews I’ll be doing in the coming months – and here it is. I picked up a few less than usual, avoiding heavier games, but hopefully there will plenty to pique your interest. And yes, I’m sure this initial list will grow in the coming months.

I’ll move them from ‘hopeful’ to ‘pending’ to ‘published’ as I get them up on the blog. So you can simply bookmark this post for regular updates on what’s done, and what’s on the way. Hopefully it will be useful – both for you and for me!

Published reviews of Essen 2019 titles

  • The Artemis Project (1-5 players, 1-2 hours, Grand Gamers Guild). A cut-throat worker placement game with some familiar yet fresh mechanisms.
  • ArtSee (2-4 players, 30 mins, Renegade). A clever take on set collection and tableau building, where you have to keep a close eye on your opponents.
  • Dawn of Mankind (2-5 players, 45-60 mins, TMG). A worker placement euro continuing the ‘lots of game in a small box’ trend.
  • Dizzle (1-4 players, 30 mins, Schmidt). A roll-and-write that keeps everyone involved; and with multiple levels of difficulty across different sheets.
  • It’s a Wonderful World (1-5 players, 30-60 mins, Boite de Jeu). A fast card drafting game with a cascading engine building/set collection system.
  • Kingdomino Duel (2 players, 20 mins, Blue Orange): A roll-and-write version of the SdJ-winning domino game, with added spell powers.
  • La Cour des Miracles (2-5 players, 40-60 mins, Lumberjacks Studio). A lively, interactive twist on worker placement, area majorities and secret worker strength.
  • Robin of Locksley (2 players, 30-45 mins, Wyrmgold). Racing game where two players make (chess) knight-style moves to claim what’s required to progress.
  • Sierra West (1-4 players, 60 mins, Board&Dice): Part deck-builder, part resource management, part action selection, all modular euro.

Essen 2019 game reviews – Already on my shelves, reviews pending

  • 1987 Channel Tunnel (2 players, 45 mins, Looping Games). A tight two-player worker placement game with a unique theme and in a small box.
  • A Fistful of Meeples (2-4 players, 30 mins, Final Frontier). A fast-playing and interactive worker placement game, set into a mancala-style board.
  • Ishtar (2-4 players, 45 mins, Iello). A gorgeous, simple abstract tile-laying game packed with interesting choices.
  • The Isle of Pan (2-4 players, 30-45 mins, Lumberjacks Studio). Tile-placement game with all the usual meanness hidden in a very pretty package.
  • No Return (2-4 players, 30 mins, Moses). Abstract numbers game with solid Bakelite tiles, with an intriguing player-driven tipping point mechanism.
  • Pharaon (1-5 players, 30-75 mins, Catch Up). Worker placement and resource management combine on an action wheel, with forward planning essential.
  • Welcome To… Summer expansion (2-6 players, 25 mins, Deep Water Games). A new neighbourhood for the popular ‘flip and write’ game.

The ‘hopefully’ list

I’ve also got my eye on: Conspiracy, Cooper Island, Crystal Palace, Die Macher (reissue), Fast Sloths, Maracaibo, Miyabi, Paris: City of Lights, Paris: New Eden. Plus the ‘Turmoil’ expansion for Terraforming Mars.

Please post in the comments if there are games you want to see reviewed and think I’d like. With more than 1,000 games coming out it is easy to miss some real gems!

(Although, as always, a shout-out needs to go to the fabulous Tabletop together Tool).

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