Festive ‘cheers’: Celebrating minor successes in a year to forget

October 2021 is going to mark 10 years since I started GoPlayListen. And, fittingly, I’ll be able to look back at 2020 as the blog’s most successful year to date. And it was a decent rise in visits too, passing my previous best year in mid-November.

I don’t know whether it’s down to Google ratings, COVID, or (most likely) a combination of the two. But it’s nice to have something positive come out of a dreadful year for the planet. Little victories and all that.

While I’m still pretty rubbish at getting involved with social media (your best bet is probably Facebook), I have made more of a SEO effort this year. Which has hopefully made a difference. But I’m sure so many people being stuck at home has also helped. So I expect next year to drop back down – and just hope a few of you stick around! But whatever it may have been, thanks so much for hanging out here with me. Really. It means a lot.

2020’s New Year’s resolutions

I’d made five resolutions for 2020, two of which were blown out of the water by the coronavirus. Visiting two new cons and pitching a new game design at Essen. At least with the latter I (with local friend/designer Federico) do have a game close enough to ready that I’ve mentioned it to a couple of publishers. While I’m confident a second collaboration with another designer should bear fruit early in 2021.

I failed miserably to get together with any other bloggers to work on collaborative posts. Maybe next year, as I still like the idea. I also failed to get all my games played, but did get the unplayed in 2019 list down to just five. And all of those are audience specific and/or need several players. Which has been tough, as it has been very hard for me to get more than two players around a table most of the year.

The only real success was on keeping the game count down. I wanted to keep it at 150 and actually got it closer to 140. Despite having reviewed and added loads of new games to my collection. And it has mostly felt natural, as some games simply lose their lustre over multiple plays. While others need certain audiences which it just isn’t realistic for me to find often. Those I’ll just look to play at conventions.

Looking to 2021

I usually talk here about resolutions for the coming year. But how can I do that when we don’t know what we can/can’t do from one week to the next? I have a hotel booked for Essen and a Eurostar voucher. Plus a hotel for AireCon and my fingers firmly crossed for LobsterCon – both (hopefully) in April. But that’s that.

The 150 games in my collection thing is pretty much a decision I’ve made now, rather than needing to be a resolution. It’s a number I feel comfortable with and works in the space I have. Already being at that limit makes me cut the chaff from my collection too, which I see as healthy. Both my parents are/were hoarders and I don’t want to go down that path. I’m a gamer, but not a collector. And don’t intend to become one by accident!

So I’m having a year off resolutions. But otherwise it’s full steam ahead. Expect loads more game reviews and Top 10s, as well as any other game related nonsense I can think up. Or, of course, that gets suggested. Please do hit me up with any ideas for content you want covered, or board game opinions/news you want discussed.

And finally – I hope y’all have a great end of year, if that’s in any way possible. Finger’s crossed the games you’ve been waiting for will be sitting under the tree. Speaking of new games, I plan to get one more review out next week. Before launching into the new year with some 2020 retrospective posts (as per usual). So until then, once again – cheers!

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