Quordle: For when Wordle just doesn’t cut it anymore

A screen grab of the Quordle game

So, what’s Quordle? Back in January, online puzzle game Wordle was boasting more than two-million users. And since moving to the New York Times website, they’ve been recording more than 300,000 daily hits. But for many, the challenge soon wears thin. You come up with a system and can pretty much guarantee to get the word every day. Which is where one of the Wordle clones, Quordle, comes in.

Quordle works on a very similar premise. But as the ‘q’ in the title might suggest, you get four Wordles for the price of one. You still type in a five-letter word. But here it populates four different answers at once. Instead of finding one word in five guesses, here you need to find all four words in just nine guesses. You can find it online here.

In addition to the extra challenge, it offers some other compelling features. When you’ve typed in your Wordle word and hit enter, it comes up with a message if your word isn’t in its dictionary. With Quordle, your word highlights in red before you press enter so you know it’s not going to be accepted. A small thing, but every click counts.

Quordle has no daily limit

Another issue for some Wordle fans is the ‘one per day’ limit. This makes sense, as all users are doing the same one each day. But Quordle gets around this limitation by adding a ‘practice’ mode. Users can still share their daily answer via social media. But if they want to put in some extra practice, they have the option to do so. There’s even an ‘achievements’ section.

But largely, Wordle fans should find themselves right at home. The layout and colour use are identical to the original. Which is hardly surprising, as it was developed by a group of Wordle fans, including original prototype creator David Mah and coder Freddie Meyer. Unlike some of the other Wordle spinoffs, Quordle takes the original flow of the base game and adds an extra challenge.

And it has clearly taken off. Many major international news sites already publish daily Quordle hints and answers posts. So, it looks as if this particular Wordle clone is here to stay.

(Note: I’ve been applying for writing jobs all week, having to do a bunch of samples. This was a failed application, so I thought, waste not want not! And it felt relevant, because it really is good. Board game stuff should return next week.)

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