The Board Game Geek 33 x 3 Challenge 2016 – and what I learnt from 2015

CelestiaThe 33×3 2015 Challenge was simple – play 33 games 3 times each within the calendar year. after four months I was a little ahead of my goal, having played 37 of my total 99 plays.

But by the end of December I had added just nine to that total, failing to get even half my goal. So what went wrong – and why am I trying it again?

I managed to get all three plays of only eight games. Dead of Winter I was reviewing so had to play; Ingenious, Divinare,  Kingdom Builder and Alhambra are shortish family games which are easy to get to the table; Through the Ages and Tzolk’in are more complex but equally popular, while Artus I banged through on a trip to Eastbourne.

At the other end of the scale, eight games didn’t get played at all. These were either heavy on rules overhead/play time so hard to teach/get to the table, or games I didn’t like enough to fight for (20th Century, Industry). In between were a bunch of games that probably would’ve gotten the three plays in different circumstances – or that one was enough for.

So what went wrong?

Two obvious things got in the way of completing this challenge which I’ve covered enough in other posts (the end of a relationship and the influx of review copies of games). But one other factor was important: I hadn’t picked the right games.

Quite a lot of the titles on the list I’d picked because either I hadn’t played them, or I’d played them once or twice. This isn’t sound reasoning to try and get them played three times each – especially when I love loads of games that got played once last year, or not at all. It’s crazy to think I prioritised lesser games over favourites because of a challenge!

Sure it made the challenge harder, but not at an expense I want to repeat. And of course, this is in hindsight – I had no idea what was going to happen to me during 2015, so couldn’t have predicted how much my playing hours – and what I was going to have to play – was going to change.

The 33×3 Challenge 2016

The Bloody InnSo below is my list for 2016. I’ve gone for my current favourites, some games I know my friends love, plus some games I know I’ll be reviewing in the next few months.

To make it a bit of a challenge I have left out very short games, plus games I know I’ll play regularly (so no Ticket to Ride, Love Letter or Race for the Galaxy).

And if I’m honest, I think I’m going to fail again. These are mostly long games and the chances of getting them all played three times is slim – but as long as I play them all at least once this year, I’ll be happy:

  1. Mombasa
  2. New York 1901
  3. My Village
  4. The Prodigal’s Club
  5. Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends
  6. Concordia
  7. Keyflower
  8. Through the Ages
  9. Treasure Hunter
  10. The Bloody Inn
  11. Terra Mystica
  12. Ra
  13. Deus
  14. Downfall of Pompeii
  15. Tzolk’in
  16. Snowdonia
  17. Copycat
  18. Navegador
  19. Bora Bora
  20. Merchant of Venus
  21. Yspahan
  22. Blueprints
  23. CV
  24. Entdecker
  25. Caverna
  26. Africana
  27. Lords of Vegas
  28. Johari
  29. Power Grid
  30. The Boss
  31. Celestia
  32. Codenames
  33. The Dwarves

Care to join me?

Dave Gorman vsIf you want to join the challenge, simply post your own list of games in the comments below and keep me posted! I’ll probably put mine on BGG again too, and link from the old one above.

Or book me in for a game if any of these are your favourites – who knows, maybe I can even come see you in a ‘Dave Gorman vs the Rest of the World’ stylee. I’m certainly hoping to get out and about to a bit more gaming this year.

I’ll probably update this post on occasion with progress reports too you lucky, lucky people.

2 thoughts on “The Board Game Geek 33 x 3 Challenge 2016 – and what I learnt from 2015

  1. I reckon I can help with:

    My Village
    Through the Ages
    Terra Mystica
    Downfall of Pompeii
    Bora Bora
    Power Grid

    Which means you have scored just over 50% on the good taste-ometer.

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