Zombie tower 3D: Kickstarter goal reached, five days left to back it

Zombie Tower 3DJust thought I’d do a quick post to update the crowd-funding situation of Zombie Tower 3D, a game I reviewed back in February.

I’m not mad keen on the whole Kickstarter thing, but this is a game that’s already out in Japan so I know what I played is what you’ll get in the box, with a few improvements.

They’ve already passed their funding goal and still have a few days left before the campaign ends, so if it’s something you liked the look of when I reviewed it I’d suggest you take a look at their Kickstarter before it wraps up on March 16.

The game is a co-operative one but the twist is you can only see your own section of the tower (which is where the 3D bit comes in). This means you don’t have the alpha player problem of many co-ops, where one person (normally with the biggest mouth, but not always the biggest brain…) takes over and spoils the fun for everyone else.

Here you have limited knowledge of what everyone else has to do. Even though you can chat as much as you want, it’s impossible to convey your exact situation so people just get on with fighting their own fires while asking for help when needed (you can trade goods with each other through holes in the walls between players).

The game is also very light on rules, being more of a puzzle, so there’s very little barrier to entry. And don’t be put off by the theme: the zombie thing is very cartoony, so it’s not one you’ll have to hide from the kids. In fact they’ll probably love the manga-style artwork.

So if you like manga, zombies, co-operative board games or all of the above, I’d suggest giving it a look. The price tag of £30 seems reasonable, while some of the next few stretch goals look like they will really enhance the game experience.

One is a full co-op mode which will take away the clunky ‘one player will ultimately win’ idea that we frankly ignored – but it would be nice to be able to ignore it officially! And others include a few new items and hazards which can only help replayability.

And before you ask, no – they didn’t ask me to write this post or pay me to do so. It’s a game I genuinely recommend and that’s still sitting on my shelves as one of a very small number of co-operative games that made the grade.

Zombie Tower 3D in play

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