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When I first took a run at a board game guide, I soon realised the futility of trying to squeeze everything into one post. Instead I’ve broken things up into a series of posts that should be a pretty good starting point for anyone getting into the hobby. So, where to start?

This is an ongoing project, so I’ll add link to new parts of the guide as I write more blog posts. And I want to be informed by you. So if you’ve arrived here but can’t find the information you want, please get in contact. I’ll do my best to write a new post to cover your query – and/or reply to you with (hopefully) a solution to your query. Anyhoo, this is what I’ve got so far.

Board game guide: Getting started

  • Where to start: 25 great gateway games
    If you’re looking to get back into the hobby, these are games that have helped thousands of people worldwide do the same. Everything from family to abstract to party games covered, from big box to small card games.
  • How to start a board game collection
    There are thousands of board games out there, with hundreds more released every year. So where on earth do you start? This guide is intended to help you build solid foundations for your new board game collection.

Board game media recommendations

  • Video channels
    Reading a bit too much like hard work? Want to see pictures ‘come to life’ on the small screen? Here you’ll find a list of great board game reviewers to check out on YouTube, Vimeo and the like.
  • Podcasts
    You don’t have time to read, or watch TV – but you can listen while you walk/drive/lie in bed etc, right? So here are some fantastic podcasts to download for your MP3 player or PC.

Reviews and online play

  • Websites (to play on)
    A great way to try out games you might want to buy is play them online. There are some great sites (often free) where you can either play ‘live’ or turn by turn over a longer period. I’ll list my favourites here, with some of the games they have.
  • My board game reviews
    If you’re looking for a full length review, from old classics to the new hotness, you’ll find 150+ board, card and dice games fully reviewed here at GoPlayListen – and I’m adding more every month.

One important point to note if you are thinking of breaking back into the hobby is this. PLAYING BOARD AND CARD GAMES DOESN’T HAVE TO BE NERDY!

Note: I’m not saying it isn’t, just that it doesn’t have to be. I play with lots of different people and believe me, sometimes it’s nerdy as hell – but others it’s anything but. Two couples sitting around a table, drinking wine and chatting about what’s going on in the world isn’t automatically made geeky by putting a board game on the table.

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