Time has taken its toll on me

What can I say, I’ve been busy.

First there was Barcelona, part 1 of which I’ve already managed to post about. When you read part 2 (soon, with any luck, but don’t hold your breath) you’ll realise that things started going a little awry and it has completely thrown me out of whack in terms of writing.

I know, that sounds terribly mysterious but hey, I like to build suspense.

After my return from Barcelona I almost immediately changed jobs. It was to a different position within the same company, but has involved an awful lot of doing stuff I’m not used to – mainly training someone to do my old job (and babysitting some interns), while trying to work out what my new one is (I’m having to write my own job description – sounds nice at first, but it’s hard as hell).

While trying to do all this, Pop Will Eat Itself went on tour (selfish bastards). This meant two weeks of half working, half running round the country reliving my kit-bagging youth (but in Travelodges instead of bus shelters). Again, more on this soon, but it sucked up lots of time and even more stamina.

Then there’s my annual freelance marathon – writing the artist biogs for the Cambridge Folk Festival. While fun (there’s nothing like getting paid to listen to and write about music) it’s also a really big drain on my time and a bit stressful too, even though this is my tenth year at it. I don’t like to take holiday to work on it, so again it’s valuable ‘me’ time that gets sucked up.

As I said, I’ve been busy.

And of course, when you’re busy, you want your down time to be just that – which, when you write for a living, really can’t include doing more writing. So I’ve been playing board games instead, mostly. And drinking. Oh, and dieting. Lots more to write about there.

What I’m working up to is, well, I haven’t been blogging.

Although that’s not strictly true. The Pop Will Eat Itself tour post is nearly finished and I hope to get it live over the weekend. But by then I would’ve seen Snuff, while Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat were fantastic last week too and well worthy of a bit of a rant. I expect I’ll head into why I can’t be arsed with support bands any more; a tough one to admit, as I’ve spent years berating others for not making the effort to do just that.

Then the whole folk festival line-up thing will probably inspire a post too. By which time I will have seen Jimbob from Carter USM, been to Devon, and will be preparing to head off to the Greek island of Paros.

Not that I’m complaining, of course. Life has been full, fun and thoroughly exhausting, both physically and mentally. All I’m trying to say is that I haven’t got time to write about it.

You could very easily argue that, instead of whiffling on here about nothing for 500 words, I could bloody well get on with it. And you’d have a really good point. But whiffling I can do in my sleep; while my ‘proper’ blog posts take a lot more thought (leave it). So for now, whiffle it is.

In other news, I really miss Crazyhead. Hence the post title. ‘Desert Orchid’ really was a classic album and alongside Gaye Bykers on Acid, they’re one of the bands I’d like to see reform most – even just for one big, smelly show. It’s got to better than Cast, right? Hmm, there’s another post right there…

Anyway, back to the grindstone. I’m busy you know.

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