YouTube: Five amazing full live sets

I’m happy to still buy CDs and then turn them into MP3s, but I have no interest at all in subscribing to something such as Spotify. Alongside a mass of music on my shelves and on my iPod, there’s YouTube – the home of so many great videos including some amazing live music sets. Here are five I keep going back too.

The Weakerthans  – Live at The Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg 2009

The Weakerthans brilliant concert album Live at The Burton Cummings Theatre has a version that included a DVD of the whole show – this is it. You’ll find no better testament to the idea that the truly great bands always perform better live than in the studio.

The Jam – Live at Bingley Hall, Birmingham 1982

As far as I can tell this is a bootleg that’s been available on video and then DVD over the years, but is now available through the glory of YouTube. It catches the most important band in the history of mod at their peak.

LCD Soundsystem – Last ever show, Madison Square Garden, New York 2011

Almost four hours of the genius that was LCD Soundsystem live. Much of the footage for award winning documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits was taken from the show. And no, I’n not going to give you a track list…

Beastie Boys – Live at the SECC, Glasgow 1999

A 45-minute MTV special that perfectly captures one of the great live bands at their peak. Spoiler alert – they finish with Intergalactic and Sabotage, but if you’re not bouncing around the room to openers Super Disco Breakin’ and Flute Loop its official – you have no soul.

George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic – Live at The Summit, Houston 1976

Much of this concert is available on 1986 album The Mothership Connection, with the whole concert later released in 1998 on video. You can find it on DVD now, if you look hard enough – or you can sit back enjoy the biggest funk/costume show on earth for free here.

Suggestions for the next set of five welcomed – comment below!

3 thoughts on “YouTube: Five amazing full live sets

  1. Oh Marling, you have taste. Who knew?

    Couple of things, tho. Parliament’s Mothership Connection album originally came out in 1975, and an edited version of P Funk Earth Tour show was issued on VHS in 1986 (of course I have it somewhere, what did you expect?). The full live show is, naturally, a thing of wonder and greater men than myself (of which there are many) have oft rhapsodised over it’s majesty, innit.

    The Jam show was a legit release, I am certain, under the title Trans Global Express, if my ancient and rapidly diminishing memory serves.

    Back later with thoughts for the next five…

    Love to all

    Uncle Berty

    • Right, like I’m going to believe you over Wikipedia… :p

      Looking forward to your picks (unless they’re the beatles, natch). Currently listening to Nirvana’s 92 Reading show which will be on the shortlist.

  2. Bill Withers at the BBC. Yeah, yeah, I know. But trust me on this one. Plus he’s wearing a t-shirt with “Pine Knob” written on it. WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT?

    Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous. Not the soundtrack to the “live” album (that had more work done to it than Joan Rivers) but a show from, I think, the same tour. It’s ace, naturally.

    Cardiacs – Maresnest. The fact that this was not on your original list saddens me a great deal.

    Julian Cope Live at the Ritz, New York, 1987. Half way through the show, the Archdrude starts to enjoy himself more and more, almost as if his brain chemistry was being altered. Hmmm. Includes a delightful cover of Pere Ubu’s Non Alignment Pact, and for this reason alone it deserves your rapt attention.

    Sadly there are no full Prince gigs on youtube as far as I can see, cos he’s a bit of a knob sometimes, otherwise I’d have posted one of them up here.

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