Post ‘best board games’ list nerdy stats musings post

Earlier in the week I posted my 8th annual ‘Best board games of all time‘ list. It includes board and card games, short and long, going all the way back to the 80s. Please check that list for links to … Continue reading

Top 10: Board games for couples

I found putting together a list of parameters for ‘board games for couples’ tricky. So decided to keep it simple. Think of this as a list of games I’d recommend for two people relatively new to the hobby looking for … Continue reading

Board game Top 10: Sarah’s favourite games 2021

This is the third year of (my better half) Sarah’s Top 10 list. And while there’s not a lot of movement, I still find it an interesting exercise. If you’re a gamer that’s starting to get your partner interested in … Continue reading

Game retrospective 2020, #1: My ‘most played’ & other game stats

Well, we made it to 2021. And the less said about 2020 the better. But that’s not going to stop me geeking my way through my annual retrospective posts. Which are a nerdy dive into some of my gaming stats … Continue reading

Castle TriCon 2020: A virtual step in the right direction

Castle TriCon 2020 was my first virtual con. It was set up jointly by three board game publishers: Czech Games Edition, Horrible Guild and Heidelbar Games. I can only talk about attending on the press day, which was very quiet … Continue reading