Game retrospective 2019, part 1: Best new titles and gaming stats

The end of a decade always suggests a period of reflection, but I can’t see myself doing a ‘twenty-tens’ retrospective. Why? Because games are still games. Sure, there have been some interesting steps in the hobby. But the majority of … Continue reading

A goodbye to a fellow board gamer

I was terribly sad to hear this week that a well-loved stalwart of many a UK gaming con, Keith Rapley, had passed away. I’d spent time with him, and lovely wife Mary, at events such as LoBsterCon, SorCon and HandyCon … Continue reading

HandyCon 6 2019: List and proud

My trip to HandyCon 6 was my first: a three-day board game convention held biannually at The Holiday Inn, just outside Maidenhead. Unfortunately, we booked too late to get to stay at the main hotel, instead staying at a Premier … Continue reading

Friday feelings: Negative reviews (and why I don’t write them)

After a week off from these posts (sorry, SorCon fail) I’m returning to a topic started in my last Friday Feelings: that I’m not worried about negative reviews. To recap, in my view you simply have to accept them as … Continue reading

Gaming ‘best of’ 2018, part 2: Top moments and most played games

Outside my regular gaming groups, 2018 was a great year for me getting and out and going to events – as you’ll see below. I went to more cons in the year than before – and better still, there are … Continue reading