Con report: UK Games Expo 2018

This year I was at UK Games Expo for two hours, from 2pm on Sunday until it closed; and then all evening and the following morning, catching up with designers and publishers. I’ll start by telling you why I was … Continue reading

Board gaming and anxiety: My pros and cons of cons

So this may surprise people, as anxiety isn’t something I’ve talked about openly before. I’d think most of my friends and acquaintances see me as an affable gobshite who tends to relish social situations as part of a never-ending crusade … Continue reading

Essen 2017 releases: First impressions, part 2 (and ‘Dig’ mini review)

I’ve now played all but two of the games I brought home from Essen in October (getting there!), as well as several other popular titles I missed out on at the time, so below you’ll find a round-up of first … Continue reading

The best of 2017, part 2: Best gaming experiences & most played games

2017 again felt like a year of consolidation, but certainly had some major highlights. But I missed out on far more gaming opportunities than I’d like due to ill health of various types, which I hope to rectify this year … Continue reading

The best of 2016, part 2: My top board gaming experiences

My 5┬ábest gaming experiences of 2016 With a few small exceptions, 2016 felt like a year of consolidation and keeping the wheels turning while my life started to settle into some kind of new normal. Overall plays were down, as … Continue reading