Couch to 5K podcast: weeks seven and eight

Not much preamble this time: I’m still in the same trainers I bought for week one, the same old running bottoms, plus the cheapo jacket and running top I bought from Sports Direct. If it ain’t broke…

I want to to give a shout out (is that what the kids say nowadays?) to my friend Lydgia who has also now started the Couch to 5K, as well as her own blog to go with her exploits – She’s Big Boned. Certainly a more feminine look at things than my posts, as you might expect, and a thoroughly entertaining (and funny) read.

Week 7: Running on a full stomach (burp)

In week seven it’s back to simple – three 25-minute runs. My first attempt I logged the run at about 3.7K, with the walking sections about 1.2K, meaning I was very close to a 5K total in 35 minutes (five minute warm up walk, 25 minute run, 5 minute warm down walk). This is very gratifying indeed.

The second run two days later was a real struggle. I’ve had some nagging toe trouble, and it was worse today, while I ate a big meal a bit too close to going out. It felt so good to make it round, but I did less distance than a few days earlier and felt I was struggling as early in as five minutes – there were a few big burps that came close to something more!

After that I left it a few more days before doing the final run of the week, which paid dividends. I did a reverse of my route, which I think makes it a little tougher, but still did about the same distance. I felt a slight improvement in pacing, if not distance, but how come every time I realise I’m in a good rhythm I panic and immediately lose it? Hopefully that will come with time.

Week 8: The drought is over

At last! My 28 minutes of running plus 10 minutes of warm up/down walking pushed me past 5K for the session. This felt great, as I’d seen some times from 5K park runs that were over 40 minutes, so knowing I’m already under the slowest of the slow is a small confidence booster. I’m not worried about winning, but I don’t want to come last…

And yes, it rained on me. The winds howled, I got blown about, but I made it. And better still, at the end, I think I had a bit left. I think I could’ve done those extra two minutes I’ve got to look forward to next week. Toe news: dumping a pair of uncomfortable old shoes for some new comfy ones seems to be helping; I don’t think it was a running injury.

Illness put my second and third runs of the week in jeopardy but I forced myself out the door. I still managed to go a little further than the first run of the week too, which certainly gives me confidence going into the final week! Now I just have to work out what the hell to do after that…

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