A festive ‘thanks’ – and some board game resolutions

This time last year I thanked y’all for visiting and made some New Year’s Resolutions based around board gaming. Of course you remember. Anyway, it seems only right to look back at how well/badly I did and to set some new ones. I’ve been writing here for just over eight years now, with average views still rising well above 30,000 per annum. Not too shabby for an old guy rambling on about board games. So thank you once again for sticking around. Or, indeed, turning up.

2019 board game resolutions

  1. My number one 2019 priority was to keep my collection at 150 games. Success! At last count it was 156, with a few on the ‘for sale’ list. It still feels like a good number: loads of choice, with all bases covered – but a good reason to seriously consider each new game, in terms of its worthiness to stay on the shelves. 
  2. Next was clearing my review pile by March. This was tough, as while reviewing time was fine playing time was the hard bit! But I got there and by March the nine-game pile was gone. And I did learn: this year I made less promises, and picked up lighter, shorter games I know I can get played by all my groups.
  3. Sticking with successes, my pledge to give Sarah every second game choice pretty much stayed intact. Well, until Essen! Since then it has been about reviews – but I intend to return to this policy as soon as the pile is manageable. It also shows, with many of her favourites in my most-played games of the year list.
  4. Clearing the ‘unplayed’ list met with mixed success. There were 10 games on it, four of which didn’t make it to the table – Brass, Mombasa, Twilight Struggle and Uruk. I actually made this harder for myself by setting an extra challenge of playing all my games in 2019. That was fun, but really hindered this.
  5. Finally, I didn’t pitch a new design at Essen. While I do see this as a failure, there were unforeseen circumstances – namely the opportunity to do some paid game development work, and being asked to work on several expansion projects. And this list did encourage me to get my design mojo back. I’ve been working on-and-off on a new game design project since, so watch this space…

2020 board game resolutions

  1. As it worked so well, while being tough, I’m going for it again: keeping my games limit at 150. I’ll also be clearing the review pile and giving Sarah loads of picks – but they felt organic, so I don’t feel the need to make them ‘resolutions’ again. 
  2. I tried to play all of my 150 games in 2019. It was going well, but like a fool I forgot Essen in October would put a stop to the year for old games. There are 30 left on the list (including the ones over from 2019’s ‘resolution 4’ above) – so I aim to play all of those at least ones during 2020. Otherwise, why own them?
  3. The resolution to pitch a game at Essen 2019 did help me get on with things (as did fellow designer Federico – thank you sir!) – so that’s coming back for 2020. The dev and expansion work is continuing apace, but it shouldn’t stop me aiming to get a new design I’m proud of from my notebooks to the shops. 
  4. I went to HandyCon for the first time this year, which reminded me how much I enjoy trying new gaming experiences. So in 2020 I’m going to try to get to two ‘new to me’ conventions. I’ve got a few ideas, so let’s see how they pan out.
  5. I’m kind of rubbish at social media – but I’m comfortable with that. However, there are loads of great bloggers out there I’d like to collaborate on some posts with. So, I’m going to set myself the challenge of getting four collaborative blog posts done during 2020. So if you’re reading this, gaming blogger, you know where I is…

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