It’s been a month since my last confession…

I realised yesterday that it has been more than a month since my last blog post. This isn’t good. so what the bloody hell has been going in?

I’ve been thinking about it today and frankly can’t think of a good reason why I haven’t posted anything – so here are some crappy (but honest) reasons:

I’ve been playing a lot of board games

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that my last post was talking about my trip to Essen. While I love yakking about board games (and the sound of my own voice) I enjoy playing them a whole lot more and I’ve had a lot of opportunities in the last few months.

I’ve now played all my Essen purchases, so will probably bore you to tears about those in a blog post soon. And I still haven’t written about our board gaming weekend trip to sunny Eastbourne, which was tremendous fun too.

In fact, having clocked more than 50 plays in both months, October and November 2012 were my highest ever board game playing months (yes, I record all my play. What?). That’s an average of three games played per day, math fans – not bad, but not conducive to getting much else done.

I’ve been around (as it were)

Talking of Eastbourne, Zoe and me also went to Brighton for a long weekend. And I was in London more than usual (It’s tough at the top), as well as some so-far unsuccessful house hunting in Ely and St Ives (but not Chatteris – one for the Half Man Half biscuit fans).

We’ve put our flat on the market, but are asking the top-end prices so aren’t holding our breaths. The flat is lovely, so we should get it (or close to it), but we’re in no rush so it could take months. Anyone want to buy a fl.. I mean, penthouse suite?

And then, after a real musical drought, there was a raft of great gigs. There will be a post about these before Christmas, with a bunch more terrible ‘from-near-the-back-on-the-left’ BlackBerry quality pics to go with it – I spoil you, I really do.

I’ve been playing a silly computer game

In the last few months I’ve also been enjoying an MMORG – but not The Secret World that I wittered on about just a few months ago.  While I loved that game it simply didn’t ignite with my friends, who slowly drifted away, leaving me to wibble around on my own.

Yes, I could’ve joined someone else’s cabal (guild) but I’ve found in the past it’s pretty crappy playing with strangers if you’re not a regular – which I simply wouldn’t be. So sadly I cancelled my account at the end of October.

However, a few friends then started talking about Vanguard: Saga of Heroes – an old-ish Sony game that has gone ‘free to play’. I didn’t hold out much hope for it, as the graphics and movement aren’t up to much, but on further investigation it’s actually a lot of fun. While the fighting is bog standard MMO fare, both the crafting and diplomacy are pretty original – more of those soon too, I expect.

I’ve been tired

It’s true – guess I’m getting old. Wine and board games aside, most of my evening is spent watching TV box sets (West Wing, Sopranos, Northern Exposure, Eureka, X-Files, Haven, Stargate, Fringe, Warehouse 13…).

But I’ve been tired due to reading/writing a lot for work too, which means writing in the evening hasn’t been too appealing. Instead I’ve been trying to design a card game (which is as hard as I’d imagined), but then a friend gave me his novel to proof read and that’s got me thinking about my aborted efforts in the same arena…

And, in truth, I’m not well. Nothing terminal, but permanent. And as I’m stupid and don’t manage it well, I get a bit knackered more often than I should. But as someone so rightly said (roughly), ‘Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, totally worn out and screaming, Woo Hoooo what a ride! I wanna go round again!’

So as I was saying, it’s been a month…

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